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wer, strength and fear so basically someone having war like traits - a person who fears no one. So for men getting a dragon tattoo would signify power and strength. There are many top rated designs you can find online with some research. You can also get in touch with us at to get the best designs.

When you get a skull tattoo you may choose from different designs by consulting an online tattoo gallery. According you will find them under Rock or Gothic sections, or at gangster / dark tatoos. However, skull tattoos for men can be drawn in any other style including polynesian tattoos (see Dmitry Babakhin tatouages). Fire flames, a cross, bones or barber wire often can be found together with skulls tattoos. The main function of a skull tattoo was to inspire fear, to underline the appartenance to a certain band or group. Now this is more a fashion, a trend and many skull tatoos can be seen on M TV rock shows.

Tattoos express the person's inner self and emotion. That is why most celebrities have tattoos now a days. Various tattoo designs can be found in Other designs that are artistic and colorful are in de and comii. Usual designs would often be a snake, a flower. Other interesting designs would be polynesian-tattoos but one particular design that I will cite is all about angels. These bold tattoo designs are motivated by fate and religion and would often be accompanied by a cross. Angels represent the good and protect men against devils which represents evil. An incredible angel design in the biceps or in the leg is enough to be a Tattoo Inspiration.

You can always choose a variety of designs that will fit your arms, ankle, elbow, forearm or even your back and chest. These may be in the form of a dragon, an angel or even polynesian-tattoos that you may find as sexy or attractive. The important thing is for you to wear it well and also with the right accessories to highlight your assets. As long as a tattoo represents a story or symbolizes something memorable, then you can always get it placed on you. You can also refer to to find more articles that will guide you into choosing tattoos that will serve as an asset for your body.

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